Typical Sunday

Sometimes my favorite weekends are the ones when we are in town with few obligations. When this happens I always take advantage of Sundays to get stuff done. Usually I start by making a to-do list.

Yes, I am one of those people who adds things to their list just so I can cross it off. It makes me feel accomplished!

I also try to make a weekly menu and grocery list. I love this helpful notepad from Container Store. Usually Daniel and I plan the menu together. He loves being in the kitchen!

I always write down any other commitments we may have that would interfere with dinner. This week I have Bunco on Wednesday so the husband will be on his own that night.

I made my lists and menu last night so I could get the store first thing this morning. I like to go before it gets crowded. Before the store, I had peanut butter toast with banana and chia seeds.


We made a trip to Sam’s in addition to the grocery store. We needed to stock up on toilet paper and laundry detergent. They also have whole chickens, two for about $8.  One is cooking in preparation for the tortilla soup tonight and chicken salad tomorrow night.

Do you make to-do lists often? I love them! It’s time to get a few more things crossed off.


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  1. Do I make lists? Everywhere and on anything. I’ve been known to keep a list on the back of an envelope, a gum wrapper and to leave place my lists on the passenger car seat as a reminder on the way home :). IE Gas, Library, Rotisserie Chicken 🙂 Cheers!

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