Wednesday…middle of the week…halfway to the weekend. Tonight has two special things in store.

One: New Modern Family. I love this show! I didn’t originally watch the first season but kept hearing about how funny it was. We ordered it from Netflix about a month ago. It’s hilarious. My favorite character is definitely Phil Dunphy. He cracks me up! I know there are a lot of Cam fans out there. He’s funny too, just not my favorite like Phil.

Two: It’s Bunco! The first Wednesday of every month is Bunco. We have 12 girls in our group so we each host once a year. There’s always lots of chatting, some wine, prizes, and good food. The host makes dinner for the group that month. Maybe I’ll come home with a prize tonight.

Last night’s dinner: Chicken Salad


Mix it all up–

Put it on a salad–



Do you watch Modern Family? Who is your favorite character?


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